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Solar Foundations

The Solar Foundation is an easy-to-install footing system which consists of 4 steel pipes with a base head. It was developed especially for the footings of solar mountings installed on the ground at photovoltaic power plants. This foundation could be installed at wetlands, slopes and sandy places with hand-held jackhammers. The Solar Foundation is so strong against the wind that it protects your power plants from typhoons, storms or hurricanes. 

Base Ground Foundations (BGF) 

The Base Ground Foundation, or BGF, was a reinvented foundation system to apply for other facilities like deckings, boardwalks, shelters, barns, garages, small houses, etc. BGF is a lightweight base head which connects 4 bearing steel pipes together. 


Spike Frame Construction Method

The Spike Frame is an alternative method to build the footings instead of continuous footings. It makes the footing construction easy and quick to complete. Usually it takes a few weeks to build the concrete footings for the formwork, concrete casting and curing.  But the Spike Frame can be done in only one day.

Bridge, Decks, and Boardwalks

Our engineering team has been working in the landscape industry for more than 20 years. The bridges, decks, and boardwalks we design are constructed at many parks in Japan.